Friday, January 6, 2017

Tuesday, July 1, 1986

So bored; I'm sixteen and it's summer so I'm home with nothing to do. Sarah and I play the radio and walk over to Grandma's to watch TV. I ask daddy if I can go take my driving test but he doesn't have time to take me. I really want a drink; I haven't had one in two days. How can I get a drink or something to do? I call my friend Christy who lives in town and complain about how bored I am and how I wish we could do something. She says I can come over but my dad won't take me and Christy doesn't have a car. This is really boring, you can't imagine. And I look awful, all zits and hair grease. I know now that I had been too hard on my skin at that age so I look for moisturizer but my mom only has Nivea which is greasy AF. I shoot a few hoops but that's not as interesting as it was the first time around. Friday is Independence Day and there's a lot on the news about the reopening of The Statue of Liberty and how there will be lots of festivities. It doesn't sound very interesting. What can I do differently to make sure that I travel more in the real future? I'm just hanging around the house with no way or doing anything else. I call Alan Rogers and tell him I'm bored and ask him what he's up to. He's surprised but I'm much more experienced at flirting than any sixteen-year-old and I convince him to grab a bottle from his parents and come pick me up. I sneak out at 10:00 and we park under the bridge and throw rocks in the water while drinking a small bottle of rum. He also has some marijuana and is impressed at how easily I smoke it, most girls choke, he says. We kiss a little and I let him touch my breasts but nothing else. How exciting for real teen-aged me to wake up tomorrow after this! He drops me off at one o'clock and I give him a very deep kiss and brush my had down his crotch. He quickly inhales in surprise and I get out and run in. No one is up, no one noticed. I look out my window and see his car in the drive way. He sits there for a few minutes then leaves. I go to bed, wondering if I'll wake up in 1986 again since I'm going to bed at one.

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